Everybody loves a little freedom

Let’s keep our hens happy by buying free run and free range eggs! To support Free Bird Eggs, look for our bright red carton in the egg aisle.

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Hello I'm Freeda

Freeda’s the name and egg laying is my game. My peeps and I are up at the crack of dawn laying our eggs and getting a start on our day. I’m a free-running, fast-talking, fun-loving chicken with a whole lot of girlfriends.

We call ourselves Hens without Pens.

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The Benefits of Our Eggs

  1. Available in Free-range and Free-run

    Our free-run egg contains 100% of your daily value vitamin D, naturally. And, our organic eggs are certified by Pro-Cert.

  2. Free range and Free run hens

    Free Birds live in an enhanced free-run barn with lots of space to run, fly and socialize.

  3. Local, traceable and sustainable

    Free Bird hens are free to roam on their local free-run and free-range farms.