Our Story

Our mission is to bring healthy, traceable, free-range and free-run eggs to Canada


OPEN and HONEST:  We like to keep it real around here.  What you see is what you get.

WIN – WIN: Everyone is a winner when it comes to Free Bird.  Us birds are winners as we roam free on the farm, the farmer is a winner because we are happy and keep laying the eggs for him; and you are happy eating Free range and Free run eggs.

FIND A SOLUTION: When life gives you cracked eggs, make an omelette.  We like to look at challenges and obstacles as opportunities to do things differently, maybe even better.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Here at Free Bird, my peeps and I are hatching a plan to make the world a better place, and we are doing it one egg at a time.

Free Bird Farm

If Freeda ain’t happy, ain’t nobody is happy!  But I can assure you I am HAPPY.  I mean check out my homeland and my digs; lush Fraser Valley, ideal temperatures, gourmet diet, fresh air and freedom to roam and practice yoga, shelter when needed.  Yup, I’m happy and so are all the peeps.  And to show we are happy we keep laying our little gifts around.  Because trust me, if we aren’t happy and healthy we won’t be laying any happy eggs.

Free Bird Farmer

There is only one man in our lives, and that’s the farmer.  He’s not some cocky bloke who is out to exploit us but more of a chicken whisperer.  You should see the way he looks at us; I think he might be sweet on me. He’s always ensuring things are just right for the girls and me…keeping us safe, cozy, healthy and fed.  When we see him coming, we run up just to brush our feathers against his legs.