Frequently Asked Questions

The rooster may crow, but it’s us hens that deliver the goods and speaking of goods, let me answer a few questions for you

What makes Free Bird Eggs different?

Quality is what makes the eggs different.  The quality of life for the hens that laid the egg and the quality diet us peeps enjoy help us create a quality product; the Free Bird Egg.

Us hens are what makes a Free Bird Egg different; better if you will.  When you pick up a dozen of our Free Bird Eggs, you can feel good about getting eggs from all of us happy hens.  But not only that you can feel good about the egg you get to enjoy, but also because it is kind of like a multivitamin.  That orb of goodness is packed full of nutrients.

How does Vitamin D get into my free-range and free-run eggs?

That’s easy, me and my peeps put it there. You’ve heard the saying ‘good stuff in = good stuff out’; well, it’s true.  Basically, the farmer feeds us a good, naturally enriched vitamin D diet which results in a healthy, nutrient rich egg.  We absorb the goodness we eat resulting in the production of a naturally enriched egg.

Who certifies your organic eggs?

Our organic eggs are certified by Pro-Cert which is accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to provide third-party certification to the Canada Organic Regime (COR).

What is the difference between Free Range Eggs and Free Run Eggs?

I get it; egg aisles can be very confusing. The difference between the free run and free range is very simple; Free Run eggs are produced by hens that run free in an open concept indoor barn. Free Range hens have freedom to run free in the open concept indoor and have daily access to the outdoor barn, so they can enjoy the sunlight and fresh air which is an added health benefit for birds.

Free Bird Eggs are Free Range and Free Run, which means me and my peeps have daily access to both outdoor and indoor barn. We live in a free-range barn and receive natural nutritious feed, clean water, the sunshine, fresh air and loving care of our farmer!

Where can I buy Free Bird Eggs?

Here is the list of the stores that carry Free Bird Eggs – Where to Buy. Be sure to look for the bright red cartons with my photograph on it!

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